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Container Grown Tree Guide

The Container Grown Tree Guide published by the Arizona Nursery Association is intended to assist growers, buyers, and architects with selling, purchasing and design implementation of container grown trees. This publication does not in any respect prevent anyone – whether a member of the Association or not – from growing, marketing, distributing or buying plant material that does not conform to this guide as sizes may vary due to market availability. This guide is limited to commonly available trees sold in container sizes from 15 gallon to 48 inch boxes that are grown under conditions typical of the southwestern United States by Arizona Nursery Association member growers. To obtain information for larger tree specimens or for field grown trees, buyers are encouraged to contact a number of reputable suppliers in their area to determine specifications and availability.

***Any use of this document, and the information listed by any individual, corporation, municipality, state or federal agency for the purpose of regulating or restricting the sale or installation of the trees described is in direct contradiction to the expressed intent of the ANA and its members. The Arizona Nursery Association strongly disavows any such use.

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